Stone Telling Issue 2

Stone Telling Issue 2Stone Telling 2: The Generation Issue
Edited by Rose Lemberg
Reviewed by Alexandra Seidel

Stone Telling‘s second issue is titled The Generation Issue, yet it is not apart from what came before, it continues, offers dialogue and further exploration. “If love and bread are made and made again, then voice is found and stifled – here, and gone; is heard, or is dismissed. Always, always it is emerging. It is a work in progress, a word in progress, a silence dormant waiting for the right breath.” Lemberg says in the issue’s introduction. The theme of generations in this issue often focuses on women, their place in a line of many generations before or after, or their breaking free, their becoming, their choices and losses. The poetry in this issue is not an easy read, it is full of pain and hurt and longing, but the reader is left richer for the experience.

In “Archaeology” by Eliza Victoria, we see a generation broken, a mother who has lost her son and is stuck in her grief, not able to let go of her lost child.

Samantha Henderson tells a family’s history as measured by a piece of jewelry in “The Necklace”, where the precious thing itself is broken up to afford a living in a time of strife. In the poem the necklace thus becomes more than just a precious heirloom, it is scattered through history and time, pieces that cannot become whole again, but still are there in the lives the necklace helped support.

The poetry section of the issue ends with Catherynne Valente’s “Eight Legs of Grandmother Spider” in which the sun is fetched and one generation goes, leaving behind a grandchild that remembers enough of her grandmother to allow for sadness.

The poets’ visions of their works can be heard in many cases–audio files are frequently provided alongside the poems.

The art is delicately picked and feels succinct in the way it complements the poem it is placed with.

Again a rich non-fiction section (that was not reviewed) completes this issue.

It should be mentioned that among the poetry selected for the first two issues of Stone Telling, five poems are nominated for the 2011 Rhysling Award, a prize awarded annually by the SFPA (Science Fiction Poetry Association).

In terms of genre, Stone Telling offers an eclectic mix; there are literary voices alongside those of speculative poems, bilingual poems, prose poems and visual poems and interestingly
enough, the editor makes this work without one piece smothering the other.

A visit to the site is highly recommended:

“This work, “Stone Telling Issue 2”, is a derivative of “Stone Telling, A Review of Issues 1 and 2″, by Alexandra Seidel, which appeared in Fantastique Unfettered 2, A Periodical of Liberated Literature aka and is licensed in kind under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.”

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